In Maestro, Bradley Cooper receives criticism for wearing a prosthetic nose.

After his prosthetic nose was made visible in the trailer for his upcoming Leonard Bernstein biopic Maestro, Bradley Cooper came under fire for appealing to “Jewface” stereotypes.

In the first trailer for the movie, which was made available by Netflix on Tuesday, Cooper, 48, is seen as the renowned Jewish conductor of music while sporting a prosthetic nose.

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Social media users then criticized Bernstein’s looks, with some using pictures to demonstrate that his nose was not nearly as big.

One user commented, “Bradley Cooper’s funny nose in Maestro is not how the real Leonard Bernstein looked.” Given the eerie similarity, “it seems completely unnecessary to have gone in that direction.”

Jewish actress Tracy-Ann Oberman from EastEnders has also criticized the use of a plastic nose by the actor of The Hangover.

“Bradley Cooper should be able to play a Jewish man without any need for prosthetics, especially a “Jewish” nose,” the 56-year-old actor told Page Six. “If he is able to play the Elephant Man without any prosthetics.”

“To me and many others, if he needs to wear a prosthetic nose, that is the equivalent of Black-Face or Yellow-Face.”

Joshua Malina, who is also Jewish and stars in The West Wing, defended Cooper, telling the publication that he does not “take issue” with Cooper “being made to look like a real person.”

“Jews don’t actually have bigger noses than other people,” he continued, “Leonard Bernstein did. For me, that brings the story to a close.

Cooper co-wrote and directed the movie, which also features Carey Mulligan, Jeremy Strong, and Maya Hawke. It was made by Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese.

At the Venice Film Festival in September, Maestro will have its world premiere in competition. Prior to becoming available on Netflix starting on December 20, it will debut on November 22 in a small number of theaters.


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