Even though Halloween is still a few months away, this year’s spookiness has begun a little early thanks to some cutting-edge AI technology.

However, the brief video that has appeared online shows a chat between a guy and an AI salesperson, which is eerily spooky rather than computer-generated gore.

In fact, some people are afraid for their employment because the audio is so genuine. Check it out for yourself:

The tech, who also works as a salesperson for Tesla, speaks to client James in a cordial and expert manner and even schedules a test drive for him.

Although we have no doubt that Elon Musk would be extremely pleased with this innovative technology, it is quite unsettling to hear an AI sound so much like a person.

The artificial voice first appears in the video as “Alexander” and calmly explains why it is phoning about completing a purchase.

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The AI then pretends to feel James’ plight as he claims he was simply “shopping around” for a fancy vehicle.

“Gothca…that makes sense,” it reads. I completely realize that sometimes we are just considering our alternatives before making a choice.

Think again if you believe it is only repeating responses from a pre-programmed list.

After James says he recently moved to a new apartment, the AI ominously mentions “making some fresh changes” later in the demo call.

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Many people expressed their worries after viewing the TikTok by user @donnellycss, which has had over three million views so far. These people included those who believe that our employment will soon be replaced by sophisticated technology.


An AI program has been created to complete sales calls, customer service and acts as an intelligent, well mannered and interested sales agent on this call. Air AI is a new conversational AI tool that can complete phone calls 5-40 minutes, to support a customer with a problem or a sales opportunity, and it sounds just like a human. #Ai #air #sales #artificialintelligence

♬ original sound – Chris Donnelly

“AI may eventually take over call centers, which would result in many agents losing their employment. It is no longer impossible,” one horrified user said, while another just referred to it as “spooky stuff.”

Some people, however, were not as delighted by the AI’s performance and pointed out its monotone delivery and lengthy pauses.

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One commenter suggested that the goal was to be enough realistic to replace workers rather than 100% realistic.

“All these people on about how it is not convincing,” they wrote. It is not necessary to be persuading. To replace us, it only has to be functional.

The technology would only get better, according to another, who wrote: “Everyone’s that is like’sounds like an AI. Yeah. That is the key idea. It has only been available for a little over a year. Hold on”

The startup behind Air AI claims that the system can give calls up to 40 minutes long with thousands of representative voices at consumers’ disposal, despite the fact that it now may sound a little sci-fi.

According to the website, its agents have “infinite memory, perfect recall, and can autonomously take actions across more than 5,000 applications” and do not need to be “trained, managed, or motivated.”

You would better crush those sales goals if you want to keep your job.


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