More than 15 years after it was recorded, Slipknot is finally preparing to release their “lost” album “Look Outside Your Window.”

The rock band recorded the songs for the album in 2008 while also working on their album “All Hope Is Gone,” but the follow-up was delayed and hasn’t been released. However, frontman Corey Taylor has announced they hope to release it in 2024.

He explained this to NME in an interview: “I was talking to Clown [bandmate Shawn ‘Clown’ Crahan’ about the record the other day and he goes, ‘One of the reasons it hasn’t come out is because you keep putting s*** out which keeps conflicting with when I want to release it!'”

‘F*** buddy, why didn’t you tell me,’ I thought. “F, Taylor — you just got too much s,” he exclaims.

“I have assured him that I won’t leak anything that will interfere with his ability to eventually lock in a release date. Finally, guy, I suppose it’s going to be in the following year.

“I just went back and listened to all that stuff and it’s so dope and so different,” Corey continued of the record. People that listen to this and think “Slipknot” Slipknot sound like it are completely mistaken. It is unique because it sounds nothing like anything Slipknot has ever recorded. It truly is the long-lost album in my opinion. The music is just gorgeous. People are going to enjoy it a lot.


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