First, there were flames across significant portions of Europe, including Greece, and now wildfires are raging in Hawaii, destroying entire villages.

Last week, the island of Maui first experienced flames, with the town of Lahaina taking the brunt of the damage.

According to officials, 96 people have already perished as a result of the wildfires, and it is anticipated that the number will continue to grow, the BBC says.

Local communities have been devastated by the destruction these flames have left in their wake, in addition to the significant loss of life they have caused.

While aid is being sent over to assist those harmed, rescue attempts to aid those in need have been ongoing.

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The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism estimates that 9.2 million tourists will visit Hawaii in 2022, demonstrating the state’s clear popularity as a travel destination.

However, Jason Momoa, who is arguably one of the most well-known Hawaiians, has advised visitors to avoid the area while Hawaii battles wildfires.

The Aquaman actor posted a number of pictures and a video on social media over the weekend illustrating the terrible effects the flames are having on Hawaii.

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Do not visit Maui, the actor said alongside those moving pictures. Do not persuade yourself that you are necessary on an island that is experiencing such extreme sorrow.

“Mahalo [thank you] to everyone who has donated and shown aloha to the community during this time of need.”

The statement, which was initially written by the nonprofit organization Aina Momona, also advised travelers to avoid the area for the foreseeable future since the wildfires will “have a lasting island-wide impact on Maui’s resources.”

“Our community needs time to heal, grieve, and restore,” the post’s final sentence read.

Therefore, it is best if there are fewer tourists on the island using up the island’s limited but essential resources.

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However, the Fast and Furious actor did not stop there and continued to urge tourists to avoid the state.

On Sunday, August 13, Momoa sent the following message to his Instagram stories: “Maui is closed. Please refrain from visiting us while we mourn and heal from this terrible accident out of respect for the locals who have lost their homes and our departed loved ones who are still being found.

Please give us time and space to start healing as we are still in shock.


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