There are a lot of different ideas about Lil Tay right now.

On the teen rapper’s social media pages, there was a post that said she and her brother had died quickly.

Lil Tay, whose real name is Claire Hope, became a viral sensation in 2018 when she shared videos of herself claiming to own a $200,000 car and bragging about all her money.

But when people found out she had “died,” they were very sad.

On her Instagram page, there was a message that said, “It is with a heavy heart that we share the terrible news of our dear Claire’s sudden and tragic death.

“We can’t find the words to describe the terrible loss and pain. This result was completely unexpected, and it has shocked all of us.

“The death of her brother makes our sadness even worse than we could have imagined.

A post shared by Lil Tay (@liltay)

“During this very sad time, we’d like to ask for privacy as we deal with the loss of Claire and her brother. The details of their deaths are still being looked into.

“Claire will always be in our hearts, and her death will leave an empty space that can’t be filled. This will be felt by everyone who knew and loved her.”

Insider has talked to Lil Tay’s father and her previous manager, but neither one of them has been able to confirm that the teen is dead.

Christopher Hope told the news organization that he couldn’t confirm or reject the social media post.

Harry Tsang, the teen’s previous manager, said, “Given how complicated things are right now, I can’t say for sure if the family’s statement is true or not.

A post shared by Lil Tay (@liltay)

“This is a situation that needs careful thought and respect for the feelings involved. My goal is still to keep you up-to-date in a safe way and at the right time.”

Even stranger is the fact that the police don’t seem to be looking into Lil Tay’s death.

The Sun says that police in both Los Angeles and Vancouver haven’t heard anything about her claimed death.

Lil Tay has lived in British Columbia and California, but police in those places haven’t been asked to look into anything.

When she was only nine years old, Lil Tay told the world that she was the “youngest flexer of the century.”

Since she came on the music scene in 2018, she’s had fights with a few singers.

No one knows for sure how old she was when she was thought to have died, but it was thought that she was in her mid-teens.


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