During the rap beef between Common and Ice Cube in the mid-1990s, 2pac allegedly wanted in. Napoleon, who used to be in the Outlawz and was one of Pac’s students, told the news.

He sat down with The Art Of Dialogue to talk about Pac’s role in the fight between Common and Ice Cube, which is often forgotten. “In the clip, he says, “I remember when the East Coast-West Coast thing was getting heated, I think Common and Cube were going through their beef, like they were dissing each other.” “I remember 2Pac saying, ‘See, if I was cool with Cube right now, I would be going after Common for him, but I am staying out of it.'”

Reports say that the only reason 2pac did not join in was that he did not get along with Cube at the time. Napoleon says that Pac still liked Cube despite this. “2Pac cared a lot about Cube. I have never heard him talk badly about him. I think they were closer at one point, and maybe they just went in different directions. But that is all I heard him say about Cube. He did respect Cube, though.” He ends the part by saying that he is glad Pac never went after Common because he thinks the two would have really understood each other.

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2pac Almost Hit Ice Cube In His Common Beef.

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot more talk about 2pac and his story. Last month, Las Vegas police went to a house and searched it. They found out later that it had to do with the investigation into 2pac’s death. Keefe D owned that house. He has been linked to the death of the rapper for a long time.

Even more people became interested when a ring that 2pac wore during one of his last public appearances sold for the most money of any hip-hop item ever sold at auction. When Drake said that he bought the ring, it made the story even more interesting. What do you think about the fact that 2pac wanted to “go at” Common when he was fighting with Ice Cube? Tell us what you think in the area below.


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