Captain Jason of Below Deck Down Under has talked about the show’s latest scandal.

Luke Jones, a member of the crew, was caught on camera trying to get into the bed of his “unconscious” co-star and employee, Margot Sisson, “without her permission.”

The production team and the chief servant, Aesha Scott, were seen telling him over and over to leave the room.

Later, he was fired along with a coworker who said Jones should have just been “warned.”

Now, Captain Jason has responded on Instagram, and you can see it here:

A post shared by Jason Chambers (@captainjchambers)

The crew was having dinner in Cairns, Australia, when the event happened. Sisson told deckhand Harry Van Vliet that she felt “really drunk.”

After Jones gave Scott a kiss in the back of their cab on the way back to the dock, Scott told Culver Bradbury, the deckhand, that she just wanted to “chaperone her a bit.”

“No, let’s go,” Sisson told Jones, making it clear that she didn’t want to share a room with him.

Scott then took Sisson back to her house and told her that she wouldn’t let her be “taken advantage of.”

“I just want you to get to bed safely,” she told her as she put her to bed and brought her a glass of water.

Luke, who was only wearing his underwear, came into the room while Scott was still there and asked Sisson to join him in the hot tub.

Scott, who was scared, said to Sisson, “I just saw how Luke was looking at you, and I feel very protective of you.”

“I’m glad you’re here,” Sisson said when he was drunk and didn’t seem to want to spend time with him. I don’t want to go in the pool; I want to go to bed. No, Luke, all I want is water and bed.”

After a short swim, Jones tried again to get into bed with his coworker while she was sleeping alone in her underwear.

Then, the producers told him to leave Sisson alone.

“Can you just f**k off for a second?” Jones said angrily as she repeatedly slammed the door and climbed into her bunk.

The director, who was not in the room, said, “We can’t do that, she said no, no, no,” and then he was taken out of the room.

Scott then had to tell Captain Jason that Jones had tried to “take advantage of Margot’s drunkenness” and that she was “completely unconscious.”

Jason went to Jones’ room and told him to go to a hotel after making sure Sisson was safe.

Jason’s reaction on Instagram was, “Over the last 24 hours, I’ve gotten a lot of messages from people in similar situations. Some of them didn’t have as good of luck as I did, so my heart goes out to them.

“I’d like to thank the production team for breaking the fourth wall and stepping in, then putting it back together and letting Aesha come to me in a natural way. Then we dealt with it like captain and crew.”

He made it clear that when the crew goes out, he doesn’t usually know what’s going on between them unless it’s “inappropriate behavior,” but he “took care of it right away” when he did find out.

Jason then said that he wanted fans to spread “less hate and more love” and that everyone involved in the event from last year is “hopefully on a better journey to better themselves.”

If any of the things in this story have affected you and you want to talk to someone in private, you can call The Survivor’s Trust for free at 08088 010 818 or visit their website at


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