After their mother Jane Carter published gruesome photos of her late son’s murder scene, Aaron Carter’s twin sister Angel Carter and her had a falling out.

The 35-year-old told People on Tuesday that “it was a true invasion of privacy and something that Aaron would have never wanted the public to see.”

On March 1, about four months after Aaron was tragically discovered dead inside his California home, Jane posted the graphic images, which looked to show excrement on the floor and a tub filled with green water.

The late pop star’s mother said that she released the images so that police would look into her son’s death as a possible homicide.

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She stated at the time in a Facebook post that “Aaron had a lot of death threats and many many people who were making his life miserable.”

However, investigators came to the conclusion in April that Aaron died from drowning, the effects of alprazolam, a generic version of Xanax, and a flammable gas that is frequently used as the propellant in cans of pressurized air.

According to a copy of the autopsy report previously acquired by Page Six, his cause of death was determined to be accidental and he had no “life-threatening traumatic injuries” at the time of his passing.

Since releasing the contentious images, Angel said in an interview with People, she has not spoken to her mother.

The former model continued, “Aaron dying was the worst possible outcome for all of us.” “This is where my brother should be,”

Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter is among the brothers of Angel’s who supposedly had a difficult home “filled with emotional abuse, dysfunction, and addiction.”

After allegedly getting into a violent argument with her husband over the loudness of their television in May, Jane was recently charged with one count of violence.

After a night of drinking, an altercation is said to have broken out, and at one point it is claimed that physical violence was exchanged.

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Angel, who appeared to lead a morally upright life, revealed to People that she is using her sorrow over Aaron’s passing to fight against “the stigma associated with mental health.”

The interior designer, who collaborated with the children’s mental health charity On Our Sleeves, further remarked that “it is much easier to raise a strong child than to fix a broken adult.”

“This has to result in something good. I will not let Aaron’s death be in vain.

“I want Aaron’s legacy to be more than those last years of his life,” she said in her closing statement.


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