Want to know if your information is showing up on Google? It will make you aware.

The company is putting out a new screen that will let users know when their personal information is online or when a new search result comes up, so they can take it down right away.

Google says that the dashboard will be available in a few days. It is an update to the “Results about you” tool that the company released last year to help users keep track of their information and remove search results that include their personal email address, home address, or phone number.

Even if you delete a Google result, it will still be on the internet. For now, the tool is only available in the U.S. and only in English.

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How do I get Google to stop keeping my personal information?
If your email address, home address, or phone number show up in a link in a Google search result, hit the three vertical dots next to the result and choose “Remove result.”

You can also get rid of search results that have wrong contact information or seem to violate copyright by answering questions on a thorough form.

Users can check the status of a removal request in the Google app, the browser, or the “Results about you” page, which shows whether the request is in progress, accepted, rejected, or canceled.

Google users can also ask for the removal of personally identifiable information that could lead to doxxing, such as a Social Security number, bank account number, image of an ID document, medical record, picture of a handwritten signature, and confidential login credentials.

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Users can ask for graphic images to be taken down.
With Google’s new policy, users can ask that their private, explicit pictures stop showing up in Google search results. Users can also ask for the search to be taken down if it is being shown on another website without their permission. The rule does not apply to material that the user is already making money off of.

In January of this year, the company announced the SafeSearch setting, which hides explicit images like those of adults or violent scenes when they show up in Google search results for people under 18. It will be available everywhere this month. It can be turned off at any time, unless a parent or school network administrator locks the setting.


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