A new Saw movie is coming out later this year, which is part of one of the most well-known horror series.

People are already talking about the movie, which is called Saw X (yes, there have been ten of them). And it’s not just because the title makes everyone think Elon Musk has something to do with it.

Previous movies in the series have been about the killer John Kramer (Tobin Bell), also known as Jigsaw, and the creative ways he tortures and kills different people.

The movies are known for their extreme and disturbing violence and for the ironic way that each victim is killed. If you have a flaw that everyone knows about, Jigsaw will find a way to use it against you in a way that is both unique and brutal.

But the tone of the most recent film in the series about horrible things that happen has changed in a big way.

The tone of the killer has been changed to make him seem more likeable and less like a scary figure from afar.

In fact, Kevin Greutert, who is in charge of Saw X, has said that Kramer is the “hero.”

In the movie’s trailer, a group of doctors and nurses are shown to be the latest victims of Jigsaw’s planned violence.

Kramer isn’t feeling well and needs medical help to prolong his life so he can finish his “work” before he kicks the bucket full of hypodermic needles. That probably means there will be more ironic killings.

But it turns out that the doctors and nurses who said they could give Kramer more time were just taking him for a ride. Kramer isn’t the kind of person who would pass up a chance to cause some poor people pain that he has carefully planned.

One does wonder how he has time to plan everything.

But there are worries that the new way the character is going in could be different from Jigsaw’s more traditional role as a villain in the past.

Kramer is a figure who can be understood on some level, but Screenrant has said that making him a “antihero” could put the Saw franchise’s main idea at risk.

Screenrant says that the ending of the first Saw shows that Kramer makes people play his strange games because he has an untreatable brain tumor and wants people to feel more grateful for being living.

Kramer’s victims are often bad people, but that doesn’t make Kramer a good person. It says that making him a hero instead of a villain might take away from how frightening and scary he has been as a villain.

Sometimes, all you want is a classic bad guy.

On October 27, you’ll be able to see Saw X in theaters.


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