Travis Scott and Live Nation are said to have resolved a third lawsuit filed on behalf of a person who died in the Astroworld disaster in 2021.

This third payment was highlighted in a Rolling Stone piece after reports in October 2022 showed that the Houston-born act had settled two separate complaints. A crowd crush at Scott’s Astroworld festival in November 2021 killed ten people and injured hundreds more.

While the designer of Utopia has since been cleared of relevant criminal charges — Houston Police last month released an approximately 1,300-page-long report on the deadly episode and the ensuing inquiry – civil litigation is still proceeding.

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Furthermore, Scott is still facing criticism from the families of those who died at Astroworld 2021, and a broad gag order restricting media coverage of the several cases centered on the disaster remains in effect.

Back to the newly revealed settlement, the cited site reported in February, citing court documents, that the family of 14-year-old John Hilgert had reached an arrangement with defendants including Live Nation and Scott.

The terms of the settlement have not been made public, and as of this writing, neither Travis Scott nor the plaintiffs appeared to have issued a formal comment. (It goes without saying that, given the time of the months-old settlement’s media attention, further settlements may have been concluded without making news.)

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Despite the conclusion of this litigation and the absence of criminal charges against Michael Jordan collaborator Scott, a slew of other lawsuits are still making their way through the legal system.

To be sure, the attorneys for numerous participants (who had sued in December 2021) only revealed the certification of their settlement class action in late July. In summary, this case seeks reimbursements for the “Magic Money” digital credits that spectators were allegedly forced to acquire in order to “pay for the popular onsite carnival rides and games” at Astroworld.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the Defendants to compensate concertgoers who suffered such a traumatic experience for at least some of their financial losses,” Potts Law Firm said in a statement.

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“We are pleased that the Court has certified the settlement class action today, so that we may now move to the next stage of settlement approval and hopefully obtain compensation for all of the impacted concert goers in the coming months,” the firm concluded, adding that a final settlement approval hearing is scheduled for December 1st.

Despite a continual stream of Astroworld stories and other less-than-ideal headlines, Scott’s making a commercial splash with Utopia, which has over 500 million Spotify streams according to Chart Data since becoming available to fans only one week ago.


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