Shortly before being sued for sexual harassment and creating a hostile job environment, Lizzo admitted to having a ‘hard day’ on tour.

Three of the singer’s former dancers filed the complaint against Lizzo on August 1 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Among the allegations are that Lizzo pressured one of the dancers to touch a naked performer at an Amsterdam club, and that she subjected them to a ‘excruciating’ audition process that included false accusations of them drinking on the job, according to the lawsuit.

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Other charges in the lawsuit include the assertion that Lizzo, real name Melissa Jefferson, indirectly attracted attention to one dancer’s weight gain and later fired them, allegedly saying ‘dancers are fired for gaining weight’.

The American singer, who is known for her body positivity and calling out bullies, is facing allegations that she fired one of her dancers after filming a meeting due to a health condition.

In response to the lawsuit, Lizzo stated that the prior several days had been “gut wrenchingly difficult and overwhelmingly disappointing.”

She stated that she is “not the villain that people and the media have painted me to be these last few days” and that “no cause is more important to me than women getting the respect they deserve.”

Lizzo thanked her supporters and called the allegations in the lawsuit against her “false allegations” that were “as unbelievable as they sound” and “too outrageous not to address.”

Lizzo stated that she was ‘having a bad day’ in an interview with 60 Minutes during her recent tour of Australia, soon before the charges were made against her.\

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The show made it apparent that the interviewer, Tom Steinfort, was uninformed of the charges made against the singer at the time of the interview, but one of her responses could have hinted to the scandal that would surface.

During the interview, Lizzo stated, “Even today, I was having a rough day.” I felt depressed earlier today.

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“And I still feel like, for whatever reason, even if I’m having a bad day or going through something, people get something good out of it.” Perhaps I’m transmuting it, or perhaps I’m an alchemist.”

Shirlene Quigley, the captain of Lizzo’s dance team, was also named as a defendant in her complaint.

There has been a reaction from the singer’s fans, or former fans, since the claims were made.

Lizzo’s social media sites have lost a considerable number of followers since the charges were made against her.

Meanwhile, other fans who have done things to show their devotion to her, such as obtaining tattoos, have grown to regret their decision due to concerns about the singer’s charges.

Lizzo called the allegations against her “sensationalized stories” originating from “former employees who have already publicly admitted that their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.”


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