When you think of Michael Jackson’s children, you likely recall the baby he dangled from a balcony in 2002.

That was his youngest child, Prince Michael Jackson II, though he was known as ‘Blanket’ from an early age since his father would frequently wrap him in a blanket to conceal his identity.

While he was no longer wrapped in the blanket as he grew older, he still avoided the public eye as much as possible, and the term lingered with him.

However, you can’t go about your life being called Blanket for the rest of your days and so he chose to take another nickname, ‘Bigi’.

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The young man is now known as Bigi Jackson, and instead of following in his renowned father’s musical footsteps, he decides to be an advocate for the dangers of climate change.

He spoke to Good Morning Britain in 2021 about living with his father’s legacy and why addressing climate change was so vital.

“There’s a lot of really cool stuff here, a lot of history here in this house and the studio here, that’s what he was all about,” he explained.

“That’s what each of us wants to do: create things that people will hopefully enjoy while also benefiting their lives.”

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“I believe it is critical that we all understand [climate change]; I believe we have some work to do, but our generation understands how critical it is.”

Bigi was raised by his grandmother Katherine after the loss of his father in 2009, along with his siblings Prince Michael Jackson I and Paris Jackson, though he has now moved to his own California estate.

People responding to Jackson’s new nickname and climate change action thanked him for his experiences.

“It’s difficult to deal with the passing of a parent. I’m glad to hear he’s improving. “I only wish good things for MJ’s offspring,” one person stated of the young man.

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Another wrote they ‘love his name and wish him the best of luck,’ while a third said if they were nicknamed Blanket, they’d ‘change my name too,’ and hoped Bigi Jackson could have a “normal life.”

For those anticipating that the youngest Jackson will one day follow in his father’s footsteps, Bigi once acknowledged that he ‘can’t sing or dance’.


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