The Houston Police Department has released a thorough 1,266-page report describing the investigation into the Astroworld disaster – Travis Scott’s lawyer says the timing of the report’s publication is purposeful.

Following the release of Travis Scott’s long-awaited new album, Utopia, on Friday, the Houston Police Department has issued a detailed 1,266-page report describing their investigation into the Astroworld disaster. The investigation of the ten deaths at the 2021 Astroworld crowd crush incident lasted 18 months.

While police maintain the report’s release was “a coincidence,” Travis Scott’s lawyer, Kent Schaffer, claims the timing was intentional in order to damage sales of his new album. Even if Schaffer is true, the plan appears to have failed, as the album received roughly 128 million first-day Spotify streams – the most significant debut of the year and the sixth largest album streaming debut on the platform.

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A grand jury declined to prosecute the rapper on any charges linked to the festival last month. However, Scott is still facing multiple lawsuits from victims and their families.

Travis Scott, who has declared that he is “devastated” by the tragedy at Houston’s NRG Park, which killed ten people, including a nine-year-old boy, has requested that the lawsuits filed against him be abandoned. During the event, a further 300 persons were treated for injuries at a field hospital.

The rapper earlier claimed he had no idea that as he played in November 2021, many people were getting trampled and passing out in the audience. However, fan-captured video shows the rapper noticing an ambulance in the audience, pointing to it, and asking, “What the f*** is that?” before returning to the stage.

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Scott told authorities that he stopped the event after Drake departed the stage because he was directed to do so through his earpiece. Travis was not charged with a crime, according to his attorneys, since he followed all orders from authorities during the incident.


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