Seth Rogen claims that “fear” has kept him from collaborating on Marvel films.

The 41-year-old actor is an executive producer on the popular superhero series ‘The Boys’ and is preparing to release his animated film ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem,’ but he admits that he has not attempted to work on a project with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) out of fear.

“We really have a pretty specific way we work; me and Evan [Goldberg] have been writers for 20 years at this point,” Seth told Polygon. To be honest, it’s a fear of the procedure. And I say that despite knowing little about the procedure. I have a bunch of Marvel favorites.

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“It’s mostly a concern about how we would integrate into the system they have in place, which appears to be a very good system that serves them very well.” But is it a system that we will eventually become quite frustrated with?”

Seth also stated that he and Evan prefer to have control over their projects and are concerned that this will be lost if they joined the MCU.

“What’s nice about [‘Mutant Mayhem’] is that we’re the producers of it,” he remarked. So we dictated the system and the process in a variety of ways. And that’s what appeals to us about ‘The Boys’ and other larger franchise-y type things we’ve done: we’re developing the infrastructure and process for them rather than plugging into someone else’s infrastructure and process. We’re total control freaks!”

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Seth has previously stated that he dislikes Marvel blockbusters since they are focused at youngsters.

“I think Kevin Feige is a brilliant guy, and I think a lot of the filmmakers he’s hired to make these movies are great filmmakers,” Seth stated in an interview with Total Film magazine.

“But as someone who does not have children… It is all geared toward children, you know?” There will be times when I shall forget. As an adult without children, I’ll watch one of those shows and think, ‘Oh, this is simply not for me.’


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