Everyone is talking about a video that went viral over the weekend. The video shows a fan tossing a drink at Cardi B during a performance, and the rapper responding by throwing her microphone back at them.

The video quickly prompted debate among fans over her conduct and the practice of throwing objects on stage in general. In recent months, this has grown increasingly widespread. Drake was hit by a phone on the first night of his “It’s All A Blur Tour,” and earlier this month, Latto had an unsettling stare-down with a fan who tried to throw something at her.

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Cardi B’s reaction was the most direct so far. She doesn’t hesitate after getting hit by the liquid and instantly lets her microphone fly back into the crowd. Following the virality of the video, more information regarding the incident began to emerge. First, the fan who was hit with the microphone spoke forward, alleging that they were not the ones who tossed the drink. Then a video of Cardi begging fans for water before the drink throw went viral. According to TMZ, Cardi could face serious consequences for the toss. She is now a suspect in a battery reported to Las Vegas police after the event.

Cardi B is suspected of battery.

After fans digested the viral footage of Cardi B chucking her mic, a similar clip from earlier in the week was unearthed. Cardi B performed in Las Vegas on Friday night. She ended it with another mic throw, according to a few videos of the event. According to supporters, she was tossing the mic at her own DJ. While the video doesn’t explain why she threw it, it did influence her subsequent toss a few days later.

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Following the event, Cardi B issued a statement reiterating her conduct. What do you think of Cardi B being named as a suspect in a battery case because she threw her microphone? Tell us in the comments section below.


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