During a recent colonoscopy, Terry Crews’ doctor discovered potentially malignant polyps.

In a video posted on Tuesday, the actor, who played President Camacho in the 2006 film Idiocracy, underwent a colonoscopy for the new Lead From Behind campaign, which aims to raise awareness for colon cancer prevention.

“I came for the future, to get the best care now, so that I can live forever,” Terry, playing President Camacho, stated in the video. “My name is Dwayne Elizondo, and I am the president of Mountain Dew, not Mountain Don’t.” And I’m about to Mountain do-do today.”

After the 25-minute surgery, he was informed that the doctor had removed many polyps that had the potential to become malignant if left in his body.

“Listen, this st literally will save your life,” he said. “So, if you’re 45 or 455 like me, you should get your a*s checked.” This st is killing far too many of my constituents, particularly African-American guys.”

The actor captioned the video, “Happy to put my butt on the line for @leadfrombehind if it means saving many more.” Do the responsible thing and have your (peach emoji) checked.”

Ryan Reynolds had a colonoscopy in September to raise awareness about colon cancer prevention and had a suspicious polyp removed. Lead From Behind has joined Ryan’s creative agency Maximum Effort as a partner.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in front of the camera. But this was the first time one had been put up his a*s,” he laughed later. “We want this potentially life-saving procedure to become less mysterious and stigmatized.”


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