Snoop Dogg recently headlined the Cincinnati Music Festival in Ohio’s Paycor Stadium, and he was introduced by none other than Dave Chappelle.

But that wasn’t the only thing the comic performed on stage on Saturday (July 22). Even after Snoop had exited the stage, Chappelle’s return to face the audience indicated that the show was not yet ended. In actuality, he rapped “Paid In Full” by Eric B. and Rakim while the backing band played the instrumental. With this performance, we may have had a glimpse of the entertainer’s parallel universe career as an MC.

In any case, Dave Chappelle made certain that his time on the mike at the end of Snoop Dogg’s show wasn’t all bars. Furthermore, he addressed a statement about the state of Ohio as a whole, thanking everyone for having fun with Snoop. Of course, this is just a taste of what Tha Doggfather will bring to audiences across the country on his tour with Wiz Khalifa. Hopefully, there will be more dates with celebrity intros and outros, because when done correctly, they can make for a fairly remarkable and unexpectedly pleasurable experience.

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Dave Chappelle Taps Into His Rap Bag Following Snoop Dogg Performance

Unfortunately, but perhaps justifiably, Dave Chappelle hasn’t had much luck with live appearances recently. A fight broke out in the audience during a comedy concert in Perth, Australia. “I was most impressed with how quickly he got the crowd back,” said one attendee. “Dave Chappelle showed me tonight that he is the GOAT in Perth and an absolute professional,” another commented. “It’s a shame some bogans in the audience decided to fight halfway through his set.”

Meanwhile, Chappelle’s live shows have been criticized for their controversial content and gags regarding underrepresented communities. Even though he is not fully excluded from the entertainment industry, the conversation expanded to epic proportions. Nonetheless, opening for the California rap veteran demonstrates that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Longtime followers who disagree with his attitude can only hope for a change of heart in the future.

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