Judge John Murphy has declared YNW Melly’s case a mistrial. Juvy and SakChaser, two of his YNW comrades, are accused of being shot and killed by the rapper.

His defense claims the men were slain in a drive-by shooting, but investigators have presented evidence that suggests otherwise. Last week, the jury deliberated and allegedly could not reach a unanimous judgment on whether Melly was guilty or not. As a result, a mistrial was proclaimed.

YNW Bortlen, another of Melly’s YNW associates, was allegedly in the vehicle at the time of the murders. According to video evidence shown in court, he drove the two victims to the hospital after they were shot so they could be treated for their injuries. In October, he will begin his own trial in the Broward County Courthouse. Bortlen sent a strange Tweet to his followers on the same day Melly’s mistrial was declared. “Mind games dont work on people like me [handshake emoji],” he wrote. It’s unclear what he meant by the Tweet, which could be unrelated to the alleged double killings or Melly. The timing of the message, on the other hand, drew the attention of admirers.

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Cryptic Tweet from YNW Bortlen

Bortlen appeared in court in Florida at the end of last month, where the start date of his trial was revealed. His defense requested that the rapper be allowed to work while awaiting his trial. Kristine Bradley, Assistant State Attorney, was not on board. Bortlen had previously breached the terms of his bond agreement, she pointed out. The 24-year-old allegedly visited to numerous strip clubs and houses in 2021, which his ankle monitor detected. The motion of his defense was denied by the judge.

Melly’s manager, 100K Track, expressed his sentiments in the aftermath of the mistrial. “I’m happy with it,” he said. “Of course, it’s not the verdict we would have wanted, but it’s a second chance, and I take that literally for everything.” I’m excited because it’s a second opportunity at life, a second chance at a better defense. Melly seemed to be returning home. I’d suspected it, but this only confirmed it.”


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