Apple stock rose briefly Wednesday after Bloomberg News reported that the corporation was working on its own artificial intelligence large language model. In lunchtime trade, it’s up about 1% for the day.

The move indicates that Apple is taking recent developments in AI technology seriously and may incorporate them into future products. The corporation rarely uses the term “artificial intelligence,” preferring to use the more academic term “machine learning.”

For the past year, researchers and investors have been enamored with big language models, an AI technique that can generate text or code that appears to have been written by a person.

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According to Bloomberg News, Apple has an internal AI foundation called Ajax, and a tiny team of programmers has constructed a chatbot dubbed “Apple GPT.” Apple restricts access to the chatbot. According to the story, some Apple employees believe the corporation is planning a huge AI announcement for next year.

Aside from LLMs, Apple incorporates a lot of machine learning throughout its devices, from Siri speech recognition to the Photos app’s capacity to recognise faces and pets.

Apple is, to some extent, late to the LLM party. Microsoft has included OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its products, Google has incorporated Bard into its search engine, Amazon will sell LLMs via AWS, and Meta has open-sourced a large LLM project this week.

Qualcomm, which develops processors for phones that compete with Apple’s iPhone, announced on Tuesday that it would collaborate with Meta to make its LLMs function directly on Android handsets rather than on distant cloud servers.

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Apple representatives did not respond to a request for comment from CNBC.


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