A former X Factor contestant claims Simon Cowell was the only person to apologize for sexually assaulting her over a decade ago.

Lucy Spraggan appeared on the hit reality show alongside Rylan Clark, Union J, and James Arthur in 2012.

However, Lucy was forced to abandon the competition after only a few weeks, stating that she had been raped.

During filming, the participants were housed at the opulent Corinthia Hotel in London, where they were guarded around the clock.

However, due to their behavior, Lucy, who was only 20 years old at the time, and Rylan were sent to another hotel where they were not provided extra protection.

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Lucy was a guest at Rylan’s birthday party at a Mayfair nightclub on the night the two singers were transferred.

She told the BBC for the first time that she doesn’t remember much about that night and has only been able to piece together a picture from information she’s gotten from police and other people.

Lucy was carried back to the hotel by a member of the production team after she passed out.

“The hotel porter who offered to help me get to bed… “He got a key card, entered my room, and raped me,” woman told the site.

Lucy described the police interrogation as ‘one of the worst experiences’ of her life.

Despite the horrifying situation she had just been through, her thoughts wandered to the competition and whether she wanted to continue.

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“It was as if this extraordinary thing had happened,” Lucy explained. “The cops have arrived, and I’ve just had this examination.” ‘What do you want to do?’ people still ask. ‘What are your plans?’ ‘I want to continue with the program,’ I said.

“It kind of demonstrates what kind of world you’re in, what kind of mindset you’re in, not being able to really measure what’s happened and what you should do now.”

Everything conspired to have a significant impact on her mental health, and she even considered suicide.

“I remember sort of having to peel myself away from jumping off the balcony,” she remembered. It’s almost as though you have to force yourself to do it.”

Lucy eventually opted to leave the show, with ITV explaining at the time that she had become ill and was unable to continue.

Soby John was sentenced to ten years in jail a year later after pleading guilty to assaulting Lucy.

While Simon Cowell was not engaged with the series in 2012 (he was in America for the launch of The X Factor US), Lucy recently contacted his representatives to inform them that she was publishing a book.

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When she got a call from the song producer, she was surprised to hear him apologize.

“Lucy, before you or I say anything else,” he said, “the first thing I need to tell you is that I am sorry.”

Lucy reflected on the phone call, saying, “It makes me emotional because no one else apologized.” And it only took this one man 11 years later to treat me like a human being.”

Lucy has now criticized the way she was treated in the aftermath of the attack, calling for “better infrastructure.”

In response to her testimony, a Fremantle representative stated, “Whilst we believed throughout that we were doing our best to support Lucy, as Lucy believes we could have done more, we must therefore acknowledge this.” We are deeply sorry for what Lucy has gone through.”


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