Michael Cera has claimed that he nearly stopped acting after experiencing a career crisis following his performance in the famous Superbad.

The actor, now 35, rocketed to popularity at the age of 19 after getting one of the lead roles in the cult movie, which was published in 2007.

Cera went on to star in a slew of films, including Juno, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Sausage Party, and, most recently, the highly anticipated Barbie film, but things weren’t all smooth sailing for the Canadian actor.

Cera recently opened up to The Guardian about his career dilemma following the release of both Superbad and Juno in 2007, stating he ‘didn’t know how to manage walking down the street’.

“That was sort of overwhelming,” he said. “I didn’t know how to walk down the street.” Fame makes you feel quite uncomfortable in your own skin, making you nervous and strange.

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“There were a lot of good things about it, and I met a lot of amazing people, but there were also a lot of negative energies that I wasn’t prepared to deal with.”

Cera explained these ‘negative energy’ by saying, “Drunk people are a classic example.” You know, if people are intoxicated and recognize you and are very enthusiastic, it can be a little poisonous.

“When you’re a kid, people feel like they can grab you – they’re not as respectful of you or your physical space.”

The actor revealed that when he was 19, he ‘didn’t know how to politely establish his own boundaries,’ and that the weekend Superbad was out, he went to a pub with friends, but claimed it was a mistake.

“It was like a burning sensation the entire time, as if everyone was watching me.”

Cera made a conscious decision to avoid more commercial assignments after the release of both films, stating, “There was a point where I wanted to stop taking jobs that would make me more famous.”

To the chagrin of his agents, the actor even passed down the opportunity to headline Saturday Night Live.

“I was having a bit of a crisis… “I was really tired of the heat,” Cera stated. “I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep working as an actor.”

Fortunately for fans, Cera’s commitment to Edgar Wright’s 2010 picture Scott Pilgrim vs. The World saved him, as he stated: “I was already committed to it, and went and did it, and obviously feel so grateful that that happened.”

Cera’s most recent part is as Allan in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. For those who are unaware, Allan was created in 1964 as a best friend to Barbie’s beau Ken, but was canceled the following year due to his lackluster performance.

We’re confident Cera will successfully resurrect Allan; you can witness for yourself on July 21st, when Barbie is released in theaters worldwide.


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