Twitter is now paying authors a portion of the ad income generated by advertising presented in replies to their tweets.

Users who have subscribed to Twitter Blue and achieved more than 5 million tweet impressions per month over the previous three months are eligible to participate. According to Elon Musk, the first batch of creator payments will amount $5 million and will be cumulative beginning in February. These payments will be made using Stripe.

According to what several major producers have shared on Twitter, these payouts are enormous. Brian Krassenstein, a writer with around 750,000 followers, claims that Twitter paid him $24,305.

SK, a creator with about 230,000 followers, claims to have earned $2,236 through Twitter, while political pundit Benny Johnson claims to have earned $9,546.

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Tweet impressions decide Twitter compensation. According to her “napkin math,” Babylon Bee blogger Ashley St. Clair (710,000 followers) made $7,153 and had around 840 million impressions from February to July. Her rate would be around $0.0085 CPM (cost per mille), or $8.52 per million impressions. It’s unclear whether individual CPMs differ from user to user.

Because it would be difficult to discern which producers to pay for advertisements presented in the feed, Twitter is monetizing the ads served in tweet replies (this is the same challenge short form video platforms like TikTok are experiencing with revenue sharing). Of course, artists will want to entice consumers to respond to their tweets. In the best-case scenario, this would spark a discussion, but as we know from platforms such as Facebook, intense emotions drive the most interaction.

According to Farzad Mesbahi, “the more haters you have in your replies, the more money you’ll make on Twitter.” Musk responded with “poetic justice.”

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There are restrictions on the types of creators who can earn money through this scheme. Sexual content cannot be monetized under Twitter’s content monetization criteria. This is a setback for Twitter’s sex workers sector, as Twitter is one of the only popular social sites that allows adult content. Twitter will also not enable content creators to monetise content about “pyramid schemes or get-rich-quick schemes” (that’s you, crypto spammers), violence, criminal activity, gambling, or drugs and alcohol. It’s also a red signal if a creator tries to sell copyrighted content that they don’t control.

While Twitter awards $5 million to creators, the firm was recently sued for $500 million in unpaid severance payments to staff laid off as a result of Musk’s takeover. Twitter has also failed to pay its office rent.


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