Jessica Simpson has denied using the diabetic medication Ozempic to lose weight.

The ‘Irresistible’ hitmaker has responded to reports that she has been using the controversial weight loss injection, which is supposedly a very popular practice in Hollywood, with notable users including Elon Musk. This follows rumors that Kim Kardashian joined the trend in order to fit into the infamous Marilyn Monroe gown at the 2022 Met Gala.

Simpson, 42, addressed the Olympic conjecture while also discussing her weight loss journey and how she deals with being in the public light.

In an interview with Bustle, which was initially published yesterday (6 July), the actress denied using Ozempic.

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Such claims originally appeared after a sponsored post for Pottery Barn Kids went viral in 2022, where she gave a tour of her daughter Birdie’s bedroom, sparking an avalanche of body-shaming comments.

However, it appears that they were only hearsay.

“Oh Lord,” Simpson exclaimed. It is not [Olympic], it is willpower.

“I am thinking, do people want me to start drinking again?” Because that was when I was the heaviest. Or do they want me to have another child? My body simply cannot handle it.”

The mother of three went on to remark that she felt “fortunate” to have “been every size.”

“Am I going to let the negativity derail me?” Simpson continued. I am far too old for it. I am too attached to myself right now to let it stop me.

“That does not mean it does not hurt.”

And this is not the first time Simpson has responded to public accusations over her weight. In November 2022, she issued a lengthy post on Instagram in response to the Pottery Barn Kids uproar.

The singer informed her followers, accompanied with a video of herself singing in her studio to ‘centre myself and heal,’ that “as much as I have learned to block out destructive noise…peoples’ comments and judgements can still hurt deeply with their incessant nagging ‘you will never be good enough’.”

“The most important thing I have learned over the last 5 years without alcohol as a guard for escapism is that I CAN and ALWAYS WILL get through it,” the star continued.

“I am capable of doing pretty much anything I set my mind to.”

Simpson acknowledged to using diet pills in her memoir Open Book, which was published in 2020.

In the memoir, the actress discussed the professional pressures she encountered, writing, “I immediately went on an extremely strict diet and started taking diet pills, which I would do for the next 20 years.”


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