If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you ended up inside a jet plane engine, the answer is actually very horrifying. Do not attempt this at home.

Let’s just say your chances of survival aren’t good. Check out the simulation below:

Atomic Marvel’s YouTube simulation depicts all the gory details of a very possible accidental accident.

The terrifying event begins with a human figure getting dragged into the engine before soon disintegrating into minute red fragments, much like a tomato in a smoothie blender.

Close-up views reveal how swiftly death would strike the unfortunate individual, as there isn’t much left of the animated human after a few seconds.

And the comments section was full of stunned viewers. There were also many jokes, because how else would people react to something like this?

“I like how the plane starts breakdancing at the end after killing the human,” one viewer commented on the video.

“Props to this guy for taking off his skin and purposefully getting sucked into a plane engine just to show us how it looks,” wrote another YouTube user.

A third joked, “For everyone who’s wondering: it’s for safety reasons that if a human body gets sucked into the engine, the plane automatically starts spinning around like crazy.”

One YouTube user who works for an airport explained how training helps them prevent scenarios like the one represented in the simulation clip.

“Avoid standing in front of or near an engine when the lights flash.” If the engines require an air start, many individuals must give the all-clear before forcing air through the engine. If an engine run is required, there are multiple people in different locations to guarantee that no one walks near the engine until the all-clear is given.”

They also talked about their colleague’s terrifying close call with an engine.

“I once had an employee walk in front of an engine to inform me that he was near the wing.”

“When I saw him approaching, I nearly s**t bricks and yelled at him to get away from the engine!”

“The mechanics had their hands raised, waiting for the all-clear on the air start.” He didn’t pay attention, and

walked up to me and told me something dumb about where he was.”

“I made him watch them turn the engine on, and you can see a gust of force push through,” they added. I told him he was lucky we didn’t send him home in a garbage bag to his wife.

021014-N-1955P-004 At sea with USS George Washington (CVN 73) Oct. 14, 2002 — The show bird from the ÒJolly RogersÓ of Fighter Squadron One Zero Three (VF-103) flies alone over the Mediterranean Sea. The Washingon, homeported in Norfolk, Va., is participating in the NATO exercise ÒDestined Glory Ô02Ó in the Mediterranean Sea as a part of her regularly scheduled deployment. U.S. Navy photo by Capt. Dana Potts. (RELEASED)

“After that, he was no longer allowed to work on the air ramp and was forced to work in the warehouse.”

Reddit users were likewise scared earlier this year after viewing a similar simulation with a helicopter, though not everyone was convinced.


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