Unbelievable film shows Tom Cruise clinging to an aeroplane in mid-air during one of his Mission Impossible feats.

Cruise, 61, is known for getting hands-on with his stunts rather than relying on a swarm of body doubles.

While you’d think there’d be a limit he wouldn’t cross, it appears the A-lister is more than eager to go all guns blazing.

In the 2015 film Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, his legendary character Ethan Hunt was seen clinging to the edge of a massive cargo plane as it flew through the sky.

The filmmakers did use special effects to get the shot, but maybe not as much as you might anticipate.\

A cinematic featurette showed Cruise literally hanging off the edge of the jet as it took off.

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The documentary asks, “Why do the stunts look real?” before answering its own question: “Because they ARE real.”

“I couldn’t sleep the night before, and then came the day,” Cruise admitted. ‘Okay, that’s really going to happen,’ I thought.

“If something goes wrong, I can’t get into the plane until we land,” he continued.

Visual Effects Supervisor David Vickery acknowledged that he expected it to be a ‘one take’ task, but Cruise tried it EIGHT times.

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And here’s the finished scene, thanks to some visual effects:

To be honest, it’s difficult to identify what they had to change because the before and after appear so identical – can you spot the difference?

Yes, only the harness and cord holding Cruise have been deleted out of the shot, which isn’t much given the scene’s ambition.

In the featurette, Cruise revealed that he was ‘really scared s**tless’ as the power of the wind hit him, but that it paid off in the end – even if he had to go through seven takes again to achieve what they wanted.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2015, he stated it took ‘everything’ to keep his feet on the steps on the first try.

“I was almost slapped against the fuselage going down the runway so fast,” he admitted.

“It was a little intense!” says the author.


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