Cover her in sunlight, not your mother’s ashes.

Pink was taken aback when a concertgoer threw a bag containing their mother’s ashes on stage during her headlining show at the British Summer Time event in London over the weekend.

“Does this look like your mother?” Pink, 43, asked in a witness video shared to Twitter on Monday as she picked up a small bag containing the cremated remains.

Pink, stunned, then stated, “I do not know how I feel about this,” before rising to her feet and placing the ashes on the stage’s edge.

The pop artist could also be seen shaking her hands behind a speaker, as if trying to clean them, before continuing to sing her song “Just Like a Pill” while still seeming stunned.

“Someone gave Pink their mother’s ashes.” The witness captioned the video, “I need yall to have boundaries like girl what?!”

Another Twitter user claimed to know why the ashes were thrown, saying, “OK so my friends were standing [sic] near this lady and back story is..her mum could not get out much as she was so ill when she was alive so this lady takes her ashes places.”

“So she get out now, it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if it brings this woman comfort, that is her choice.” But not for me.”

Several other netizens responded to the video, sharing their perspectives on the unexpected incident.

“She handled it well because I would be furious if someone handed me their mother’s ashes,” one commenter commented, adding, “I understand why some celebrities are standoffish now.”

“This is insane,” a second individual commented.

“I am so sorry, I lost it when she was singing ‘can not stay on your life support’ while putting the ashes down,” a fan quipped, echoing Pink’s song at the time.

“It was the complete shock/confusion on [Pink’s] face that got to me. “She handled it well because it was very strange,” said another.

A jokester wrote, “She said where is the hand sanny?”

“She was mortified,” remarked one fan.

“I think she wanted her mother to be happy and watch the Pink show,” a more empathetic fan added.

“I feel like going through TSA at a concert if people do not stop being WEIRD,” said another.

The startling incident was just the latest in a series of incidents in which supporters threw items on stage.

A careless concertgoer flung their phone at Bebe Rexha during her New York City performance just a few weeks ago. But when the phone struck her in the eye, she had to cut her show short and go to the hospital, where she suffered numerous stitches.


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