Chael Sonnen was talking out of his ear when he claimed Mark Zuckerberg personally called him to announce the Elon Musk fight will go place at UFC 300… according to a spokeswoman for the Meta CEO, who tells TMZ Sports no such phone conversation ever took place.

The former UFC fighter made the outlandish claim on “The MMA Hour” earlier Monday, stating Zuck called him to give him an update on his scheduled fight with the Twitter CEO during his appearance on the show.

“Zuckerberg contacts me because he saw your tweet about my appearance,” Sonnen explained. “Zuckerberg told me that he agreed to fight Elon Musk at UFC 300, and it was a huge deal.”

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Sonnen swore he was serious… and then added, “That just happened.” [My witness] Ethan, my kid, Thero, and my dog, Duke. This is a photo session.”

While a bout between Zuck and Musk could materialize at UFC 300 next year, a representative for the Facebook co-founder was quick to dismiss any talk of a phone call with the former contender, adding, “I have confirmed with Mark that he did not call Chael Sonnen.”

Things have heated up since the two billionaires traded public jabs all last week… and UFC president Dana White confirmed that both sides are dead serious about fighting.

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In fact, Dana believes it has the potential to be the most successful fight in history, with three times the pay-per-view buys of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.


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