Monday has arrived once more, and while most people are back to their regular 9 to 5 jobs, YNW Melly is back in court for his double murder trial.

Several years after the teenage rapper turned himself in to the police, the proceedings in Broward County formally started earlier this month. Things initially appeared to be working in Melly’s favor, but last week, evidence was presented that purportedly shows the 23-year-old asking his mother, Jamie King, to fetch him a gun around the time that YNW Juvy and YNW SakChaser were killed.

Prior to the weekend, detective Danny Polo, who is quite familiar with Melly’s case, testified for the prosecution. He used a ski mask that had been approved by the court to assist hide his identify at the time out of worry for his family. Law & Crime claims that one of the jury members voiced concern about this in a letter to Judge John Murphy III. Polo will be taking off his mask for the remainder of his testimony, according to reporter Bryson “Boom” Paul, who tweeted this information when court reopened this morning (June 26).

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Today’s Restart of YNW Melly’s Trial

Since Judge Murphy’s decision, the defense has scarcely raised any challenges, but Melly’s lawyer did raise a concern when an audio clip of a phone call that appeared to be him was played. Polo’s evidence indicates that he thinks two different G-Shine Bloods gang members recruited the Florida native.

One of the most convincing witnesses we’ve heard so far testify was the undercover investigator who admitted to listening to the call that he had “listened to hours of Melly’s music, watched music videos, and listened to jail phone calls.”

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More real-time updates from Bryson “Boom” Paul in Broward County this afternoon may be seen below. What do you think of Judge Murphy III’s most recent decision on Detective Polo’s ski mask? Comment below with your thoughts, and come back later for more news about YNW Melly and your favorite musicians.


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