Jennifer Lawrence ‘only wants to do hard R-rated movies’ after experiencing a ‘feeling’ while filming No Hard Feelings.

The Hunger Games actress plays Maddie, an Uber driver who decides to date a wealthy couple’s awkward 19-year-old son in order to make money.

The comedy, rated 15, will premiere tomorrow, June 23, and Lawrence isn’t worried about her one-year-old watching it when he’s older.

Cy, her 32-year-old son, was born in February 2022, and she shares him with spouse Cooke Maroney.

She tells TalkRadio, “Everything I’ve learned from other actors is that your kids will never want to watch your movies or hear about them.”

But we may see more of Lawrence in filthy roles in the future, as she discussed the experience with steamy-character-pro, Cameron Diaz, for Interview Magazine.

In a plunging, high-leg bodysuit and pulled-down joggers, she promotes the film and says of her filming experience, “It was a blast.” I’ve always wanted to do comedy and have been approached a million times about it.

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“I was never opposed to it, but you’ve seen the films that come out.” I don’t want to name names, but there hasn’t been anything really amusing.”

Lawrence’s filmography is impressive, ranging from the horror of Mother! to the drama of Silver Linings Playbook, and from the action of The Hunger Games to the mystery of House at the End of the Street.

However, this is Diaz’s first attempt at a true raunchy comedy, and she says, “This is something you were born to do, hard R comedies.” That could be your sweet spot.”

Lawrence adds, “If that’s my sweet spot, then I don’t ever want to do anything else.”

While the film has yet to be shown in theaters, the actress claims she felt a ‘particular sadness’ when they finished filming and that she felt’so confident’ throughout the experience.

Despite discovering this new’sweet spot’ in the film genre, Lawrence still refers to Diaz as ‘the icon of R-rated comedy’.

In the film, Maddie accepts a job from Craigslist to ‘date’ their ‘un-f**kable’ son in order to coax him out of his shell before he leaves for college. The father expresses his desire for her to date his son “hard,” so she vows to “date” his brains out.

No Hard Feelings hits theaters tomorrow, Friday, June 23.


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