Russell Simmons appears to be at the center of a big family fight just one day after Father’s Day.

The Def Jam Recordings president posted an Instagram Story on Monday that appeared to be directed at his ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons.

“Stop telling fathers they should have fought harder to see their children and start asking mothers why he had to fight at all,” read the message.

Simmons, 48, turned to her Instagram Story to disclose information about the family feud, where she leveled severe claims against Ming Lee, 23, and Aoki Lee, 20.

“I am so sorry I have to do this,” she said. “However, this man has been endangering my children’s lives. I am hearing a lot more now. We will not be intimidated, threatened, or scared.”

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“Please leave my children alone,” she continued. “This narrative of blaming the sole caregiver, the only parent at home with the children, the mother AND the children for one’s own inadequacies and embarrassments is dead. Dead. Dead.”

Russell was also accused by the model of being “abusive” to the ladies in his life.

“Same abusive nonsense,” she wrote. “This is how you maneuver with all the women around you.” Your threats, lies, and intimidation maneuvers [sic] and tactics are heartbreaking. Please put a stop to it. You mean your own flesh and blood? “Enough already.”

Aoki, who recently graduated from Harvard, supported her mother by posting a video of Russell yelling at her over FaceTime to her Instagram page.

“This is not someone who will accept help,” she captioned it. This is just one screen recording, and I apologize for not always remembering to press’record’ when he phones my friends, boyfriend, or anybody else to threaten and curse and go wild.”

She also posted pictures of text communications between her and her father to her Instagram Story, claiming that he would “harass” her boyfriend and friends if she blocked him or “[took] some space.”

In another thread Aoki shared online, texts — presumably from Russell, though no name is given — imply Aoki’s “mother has stolen money and the love of my children as she promised.”

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“Everytime I spoke to you, you would yell and scream about a legal situation that I can not even respond to because I AM NOT INVOLVED, I am your child, not your lawyer, your ex wife, any of it,” Aoki said in a separate lengthy note to her father. I am powerless. You yell at me as if it were my fault.”

Aoki mentioned the possibility of mental illness in another Instagram Story.

“Some of us believe he is mentally ill or suffering from dementia,” she wrote above a sorrowful photo of herself. “He acts as if he despises his children and rarely sees them.”

Russell used to be “the best dad ever,” according to Aoki.

“Prior to his media issues, he was the best dad ever and a fantastic coparent.” “He and my mother were best friends,” she explained. “We all defended him against everything, and then he turned on ANYONE who would let him lash out.”

“It is a truly terrifying change to witness,” she wrote.


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