Metro Boomin has addressed his recent remark about his collaboration with Future being “the ultimate album.

” He claims that his remark, which came from an interview with Complex, was taken out of context. Metro claims that he meant to indicate that a “ultimate album” would sound like the one he’s working on with Future.

“The ultimate project right now is about to be the one with me and Future,” Metro added, according to Complex. “Now that Spider-Man is out and people are loving and resonating with it, my attention can shift to what Pluto and I have coming out.” I’m not doing anything till that’s completed.”

Metro later addressed the comment in a tweet on Sunday. “I never referred to my and Future’s album as ‘the ultimate album,'” he wrote. “When asked what an ultimate would sound like if I made one, I responded something like what me and Future were doing. This is why I don’t do press or interviews very often… we just let the work speak for itself.”

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Metro has been promoting his upcoming collaboration with Future for months. They have previously collaborated on songs including as “Mask Off,” “Honest,” “Wicked,” “Where Ya At,” and “Jumpman.” However, Metro was conspicuously omitted from Future’s most recent release, I Never Liked You. Metro later said that they did this because they were planning a joint album and wanted to conserve tracks for it.

Metro Boomin Talks About The “Complex” Interview

Metro also explained to Complex why he’s so focused on his album with Future, saying, “It’s tunnel vision on that one because I was spreading myself thin between Heroes & Villains, Spider-Man, Coachella, and still shooting videos for Heroes.” But now the emphasis is on this album, on which we have been working.”


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