Former US President Donald Trump showed up at a restaurant in Miami at random, according to locals, and said twice that he would foot the bill for the entire establishment.

Although it was an unexpected change of events for diners at Versailles, one of Florida’s hottest Cuban restaurants.

It was pure serendipity that the former US president arrived on June 13, and we are sure most of the diners will remember it.

Because what is the one thing he could have done to make things better for his supporters? If only he had paid the bill.

Trump apparently chose the dine-and-dash option instead, leaving everyone in the restaurant to foot the price despite declaring twice that he would cover the fee.

According to the Miami New Times, Trump spent around 10 minutes at the fan-favorite eatery.

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During that time, he shook hands with excited supporters who wished him a happy birthday the next day.

He apparently fled before anyone could purchase anything from the menu and did not contribute anything to the bill.


Before departing into the night, he did not even take anything from the Little Havana hotspot.

But it was his 77th birthday. So we will have to give him some leeway.

“It is my birthday, and I will skip out on paying, skip out on paying,” the song says. You would cry too if you were arrested, boo.”

Or something along those lines. Whatever.

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The billionaire had had a difficult few days.

On June 13, he found himself in front of a judge for a small issue involving mega-high-level security documents that had been removed from the White House.

According to Trump.

In the end, he returned the 15 boxes of records to the US National Archives and Records Administration in January 2022.

He is now facing 37 felony counts for suspected Espionage Act crimes, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and providing false statements to investigators.

Investigators discovered more than 700 pages of records in the cache of secret papers when the documents were returned.


According to The Guardian, some of the highly classified information included plans for a stealth attack against a foreign nation.

Yikes, twice.

Anyway, we can see how Trump’s week got off to a rough start.

But what makes a bad birthday better? A Happy Meal from McDonald’s.

That is enough to make any frown turn upside down, and it is what he decided to eat on his private jet flight to New Jersey on Wednesday evening, according to The New York Times.

“Some birthday,” witnesses claimed he mumbled before fleeing Versailles.Somebody is birthday.”

He doubled over, muttering’some birthday’ one more before disappearing into the night like a wanted ghost.

In any case, an indicted ghost is having a bad week.

Donald Trump was asked to comment.


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