Twitter is being evicted from one of its offices due to unpaid rent.

According to a complaint submitted by the facility’s landlord in May, the social media giant allegedly failed to pay rent on the 65,000-square-foot headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Following substantial layoffs by Elon Musk when he purchased Twitter in October 2022, it is unclear how many employees are based there.

Previously, the office housed approximately 300 employees. However, due to budget cuts, Twitter fired 87 employees at the location, while another 38 voluntarily left.

On May 12, the landlords filed a complaint for unpaid rent; court papers indicated that the corporation leased four flats in February 2020.

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The landlord alleged in the case that a default notice against Twitter was ignored. According to the Denver Post, they had instead utilized a letter of credit provided by Twitter to pay $968,000 in rent.

They subsequently requested that Twitter replenish the security deposit, which was also denied.

The landlord has not only requested possession of the property. They have also asked for arrears rent, legal fees, and interest both before and after any judgment.

A judge has now granted an order authorizing law enforcement officers 49 days to evict the company from its Boulder, Colorado offices, which means they must leave by the end of July.

Twitter is also embroiled in a separate court battle with Boulder’s Avalanche Cleaning Company for $93,500 in unpaid invoices at another building.

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Since Elon Musk’s takeover, Twitter has devolved into chaos, with large layoffs and unpredictable policy changes that have severely harmed the company’s reputation.

CNN reported in February that more than half of Twitter’s 1,000 largest advertisers have left the platform as of January. Advertisers have withdrawn due to concerns about the platform’s stability as a result of a relaxation in its content filtering policy.

Twitter’s ad income from its 1,000 largest advertisers fell from $127 million to $48 million as a result of the cut.

Musk was also heavily chastised for altering the protocol surrounding the blue checkmark. Previously, the platform would certify that a public figure or organization was who they claimed to be, but this is no longer possible unless a monthly subscription is acquired.

The decision sparked outrage after one account purchased a $8 checkmark for an account impersonating pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. They then announced on Twitter that the corporation would be “making insulin free.” Shortly afterwards, Eli Lilly’s market value plummeted, with the business losing 6% of its value.

Twitter’s automated response to UNILAD’s request for comment included the poop () emoji.


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