Music fans have been anticipating the pair’s collaboration since Madonna invited Sam Smith to perform their song ‘Unholy’ at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

That time has now arrived, as the pair have released a new single titled ‘Vulgar,’ albeit the track is not without criticism.

Many people have been horrified by the sexually explicit lyrics, and the musical duo’s detractors continue to mount.

While the lyrics are unclear, Madonna does make references to some of her iconic songs from the past.

“Let us get into the groove, you know exactly what to do,” Madonna sings at one point, alluding to her 1985 song “Into the Groove,” from the film Desperately Seeking Susan.

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The song then becomes more explicit, with Madonna singing, “Boy, get down on your knees ‘cuz I am Madonna.” You are f*** with me if you f with Sam tonight. So be careful what you say, or else I will split your banana. We do what we want and say what we have to. We are sexy, uninhibited, and feeling vulgar.”

Another line is similar to Taylor Swift’s “Karma”: “Vulgar is lovely, dirty, and gorgeous/ Vulgar will make you dance; there is no need for a chorus/ We will just go harder if you call us ridiculous. Sam and Madonna, you are insane and meticulous.”

Throughout the song, Smith and Madonna demand their minions to do their bidding, as Smith screams, “Say our f names.”

Madonna then concludes the song with a noteworthy final line: “Do you know how to spell my name?” Go f* yourself, B. B, you heard me! Tell us our f**** names!”

Smith took to Instagram on Friday (9 June), when ‘Vulgar’ was released to the public, to applaud Madonna.

“VULGAR is a very special song to me,” they stated.

“The day after the Grammys, me, the QUEEN, and a group of some of the most talented people I know went into the studio and created this piece of music.”

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“The energy was alive and the creativity was pure.” I am overjoyed to be able to share this with you sailors!! VULGAR IS OUTSTANDING!! It is currently everywhere.

“I adore you, Madonna.”

Smith earlier stated their enthusiasm for the collaboration, telling Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily, “Vulgar is one of the most exciting songs I have been a part of.”


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