Katy Perry has received some criticism during her time as an American Idol judge, but a fellow panelist has her back.

Luke Bryan, a country singer, defended the ‘Bon Appetit’ singer, stating that she is “picked on.”

The criticism began after one instance in which the 38-year-old quipped that a candidate, a mother of three, had been “laying on the table too much.”

Many viewers called the remarks’mom shaming’ and ‘rude,’ and the contestant spoke out about it.

Sara Beth Liebe, who recalled her audition in a now-deleted TikTok video, called Perry’s dig “hurtful” and said it was “embarrassing” since it happened on TV.

Perry was subsequently chastised for criticizing another contestant’s outfit.

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“Nutsa, every time you take the stage, it is like you glitter bomb the stage,” the ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer said to Nutsa Buzaladze.

“Listen, one thing I would like to see from you the next time is not a single piece of glitter.” I know it will be difficult.”

Bryan was speaking to Fox News about his colleague while at the Country Music Association Fest.

“Katy gets picked on for going out and trying to have fun making a TV show,” the 46-year-old added.

“You can not be so safe in the moment that you are so homogenized that you can not ever crack a joke or have a good time.”

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Bryan noted that because their job is to criticize individuals, he and Perry are unlikely to be popular with viewers at home all of the time.

“I think we get set up as judges, you know, we kinda fall on the sword a lot of times,” Bryan added.

“And get things set up so that people can be very vocal on social media and stuff.”

Despite his support for his fellow judge, the ‘Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ singer stated that Perry can handle the heat.

“It makes me appreciate her even more, just how large a scale she is had to deal with her entire career,” Bryan remarked.

And Bryan is not the only one from the show who has spoken out in support of Perry.

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Oliver Steele, who finished eighth in season 21 of American Idol, took to Instagram after allegations surfaced that he was about to leave the show.

“I have heard a lot of rumors floating around the internet about Katy Perry possibly leaving Idol, and I am not sure what is true and what is not,” he wrote.

“Here’s everything I know about @katyperry.” Katy is not a bully, and she does not shame others.”


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