Charles Barkley is one of the most well-known NBA players, but to Vegas Golden Knights forward Jack Eichel, he is just a fan.

Barkley, 60, told Sportsnet during the 2023 Stanley Cup Finals that Eichel, 26, had “zero idea” who he was when the TNT analyst introduced himself.

“Yesterday I was at the hotel,” Barkley revealed. I approached Jack Eichel and complimented him on how wonderful he was – I assume he had no idea who I was.”

During their conversation at the hotel in Florida, where the Golden Knights were facing the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Inside the NBA host said he informed Eichel he is “a great player” and it was “an honor” to meet him.

“He looked at me as if to say, ‘Who the hell are you?'” “It was quite amusing,” Barkley added.

Fans thought that Eichel knew who Barkley was but feigned not to know because the NBA icon is a Panthers fan.

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Perhaps the mix-up occurred as a result of Barkley’s recent weight loss. Barkley claimed on the Pat McAfee show that he is shed 62 pounds after adopting a healthier lifestyle.

“I started at 352 pounds,” he explained. “I am down to 290 now.” “I am starting to feel like a real person.”

“I am working out, and I am taking my shot once a week,” he added, referring to Mounjaro, which is used in adults with type 2 diabetes together with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar levels.

Barkley originally revealed his plans to take Mounjaro on the Dan Patrick Show on May 26.

McAfee questioned, “Do you know what it is doing to you exactly?” after revealing that he took a shot for weight loss.

Barkley admitted he did not know.

“I have no idea what it does!” Barkley laughed.

Mounjaro is the brand name for tirzepatide, which is related to the medications Ozempic and Wegovy, which are brand names for semaglutide, which works in the brain to influence satiety.


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