Hybe is the owner of WeVerse. Hybe is a South Korean music label that supports BTS, Tomorrow X Together, ENHYPEN, and a variety of other artists.

BTS has helped Hybe become one of the world’s most successful brands.
The following is from Rhythmic Rebellion, with whom DMN is pleased to collaborate.

WeVerse is a platform for community building that includes a retail store. Fans can access unique content, communicate with artists, and interact with other fans.

What makes WeVerse such a great idea? If you are a label, an artist management, or an independent artist, you are probably frustrated by how difficult it is to engage with your followers. Over 60% of your emails are sent to spam or promotional folders. Many of you have switched from gathering emails to gathering phone numbers, however there is now a spam filter for that.

Because of Facebook and Instagram algorithms, your posts are seen by less than 1% of your followers. You are asked to pay the social media god in order for your posts to be seen by more people. Many of you are upset since you previously paid to find these fans and now you have to pay again to engage with them.

WeVerse, according to Hybe, is a solution to these challenges. They now have their own platform where they can control the fan experience and freely engage with the fans. All of their artists are present. The fan registers once on the platform and can engage with and purchase merchandise from any artist on the platform.

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Why are Sony and Warner concerned? Universal Music Group was intrigued by Hybe’s ability to create new prospects for themselves and opted to collaborate with them. UMG already has a few artists on WeVerse and wants to add many more by 2023.

The app is the most potent tool in the world for generating fan actions. The effects are spectacular when Hybe can send a message through the app that says “BTS has a new song out now, go stream it on Spotify,” and every signed up fan instantaneously sees that notification on their phone. This is by far the most effective mode of communication.

Sony and Warner Bros. vs. WeVerse: As you can see, Sony and Warner are currently at a significant disadvantage in the battle for music labels. Are Sony and Warner developing their own? Possibly, but developing these apps and platforms takes time and money.

Is there another platform that competes with WeVerse? The only platform that comes close is Rhythmic Rebellion.

It has the ability to establish a community, a merch store, access to unique material, and maybe even greater ways to engage with fans than WeVerse. Each artist and label account has its own email system, and a copy of the email is stored in the fan’s message center, and the fans are notified via the app…Complete fulfillment. There is a built-in music player, so fans can buy songs and listen to it right away. Live video streaming, subscription fan clubs, and other features are available.

Artists can also create their own website directly on the platform, which is ideal for community building. More information is available here.

Should Sony and Warner create their own platforms, or should they rely on the RR platform? Which platform do you believe will have the largest community if there is a SonyVerse, WarnerVerse, and WeVerse? WeVerse, you are correct. UMG has a number of big musicians thanks to their various collaborations with other labels.

These artists will ask their fans to join them on WeVerse, and this community will have “buying power” that a music company has never seen before.

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I anticipate that UMG will begin selling albums on WeVerse months before they are released on streaming platforms. UMG will offer memberships to special content, such as early music video releases and other exclusive artist content. Fans will be able to rent and watch a film there. I can even envision a scenario in which Spotify tries to play hardball with UMG, and UMG responds, “Thanks to WeVerse, Spotify is no longer a necessity.” Diversification! It is a wise business decision.

So, as you can see, Sony, Warner, and, let us not forget, all the indie labels and artists out there have a grim future….or do they?

What if Sony and Warner decided to join the Rhythmic Rebellion platform and urge other indie labels and artists to do the same? RR was founded in 2017 and is a well-established platform with more features than WeVerse.

Sony and Warner could have their biggest artists on the platform within a few months and be well on their way to creating a larger community than WeVerse.

Indie musicians would gather in trees and invite their fans. This works for indie musicians because RR is not just for huge stars and labels. It also has DIY capabilities. Sony, Warner, and indie labels and artists would make comments to RR management on what the RR guidelines should be and what software should be developed next. You can reach them at support@rhythmic-rebellion.com.

So, what are their plans? One thing is certain: you will either be a part of a platform like WeVerse or wish you were. Stay tuned….


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