In recent months, people have begun feeding all kinds of bizarre stuff into AI image generators.

One instance, though, more than others conveys the odd balance of calm and unsettling.

You can direct an AI generator to display what individuals might appear to be if they were various species of animal or vice versa.

Some concepts undoubtedly work better than others, as is frequently the case with AI graphics.

Although some of these photographs appear to be genuinely intriguing, one in particular doesn’t seem to have worked at all.

AI-created photographs of individuals typically fall into the uncanny valley of appearing almost real. However, something usually feels off, whether it’s an odd-looking hand or a face that’s nearly present but not quite.

However, in this instance, where the generator’s input was to turn animals into people, it appears to have worked very successfully. They may achieve a more successful result because they aren’t striving to be overly human.

A photo of what appears to be a mantis-human hybrid in particular resembles something you might see in a science fiction adventure film.

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Others resemble strange extraterrestrial races that you may see on Starship Enterprise or TARDIS expeditions. Compared to cardboard prosthetics, it is a change.

Another image depicts a hybrid of a human and a fish, and once more, it actually looks pretty good. It resembles Star Wars concept art or the idea for a space adventure game.

Some, though, don’t function as well. The AI representation of a tortoise man resembles little more than a middle-aged bald guy’s head put on a tortoise’s body.

One also seems to have utterly misinterpreted the instructions.

A human-rhinoceros hybrid may be expected to be bipedal and have rhinoceros-like characteristics. It might resemble the alien Judoon from Doctor Who in that it would have broad shoulders, a horn, and a stern demeanor.

I’m suggesting there is a precedent.

Therefore, it is really puzzling when the AI seemed to give up on the human rhino. It didn’t make any connections; all it did was create the impression of a rhino with a person standing in place of its hind legs. Frankly, if viewed incorrectly, it can appear a little unfortunate.

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AI is undoubtedly a highly hit-and-miss game. There are some very intriguing results here, which I won’t dispute.

However, caution should still be exercised when dealing with AI. The designs must use pre-existing artwork to produce the images, and occasionally they have even provoked copyright disputes since the images they produce are a little too similar to the works of other artists.

It’s undoubtedly fascinating, but rather than being a goal in and of itself, it’s better used as inspiration.


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