Tyler Perry, according to a new article from The Streamr, has yet to move forward with his ambition of owning BET. The website broke the story earlier this week, but has already removed the report, as observed by Phil Lewis of the Huffington Post.

Tyler Perry Studios, the actor’s production company, previously collaborated with the network to produce BET+. The streaming service, which includes both original films and episodes from the BET catalog, has been a huge success since its launch. Perry has previously explored the possibility of purchasing BET, revealing his intention to do so in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in April. “Rumor? “No, it is not a rumor; I have been there for four years and have had tremendous success,” Perry explained at the time. “I was not expecting this to happen, so, sure – if that is feasible, I would like to take as much of it as possible… If it is possible, I will take as much as I can.”

Tyler Perry Receives BET’s Ultimate Icon Award

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Perry emphasized why Black ownership is vital for the network in the same interview. “I believe there was sadness when Bob sold it, and I believe there will be happiness when it is again Black-owned,” Perry added. “However, Shari (Redstone) and what is it? What about Viacom and Paramount? They have done an outstanding job with it. They did not let it go to waste; they did not let it turn to dust. They nursed and cared for it. And to hear Shari say, ‘I believe it should be returned to a black owner?’ ‘OK, see, that is my type of person,’ I reasoned.

“The Streamr” Removes The Report

For the time being, it appears Tyler Perry will have some opposition before purchasing BET. Diddy, Byron Allen, and others are said to be interested as well. If Perry does buy BET, keep an eye out for formal confirmation.


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