Microsoft introduced a new system during the Xbox Games Showcase, with a release date set for later this year.

We were all expecting a slew of game announcements, and we got them, but Xbox CEO Phil Spencer closed out the event by revealing a new Xbox Series S.

Before you get too excited, this is not an announcement that will bring in a new generation of game consoles; rather, it is an enhancement on what is already available.

Xbox says it has ‘heard your comments’ on the console front and is beefing up storage space on the Series S with a 1TB SSD, bringing the digital-only console in line with the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

The next Xbox Series S Carbon Black showcased the upgraded hardware, stating the console was “back in black” with plenty of storage space.

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One of the annoyances of modern console gaming is that the games themselves are so large that you have to juggle installing and uninstalling them depending on what you want to play.

The days of having a shelf full of discs that you could just pop in and play anytime you pleased are long gone.

You must now keep a close check on your remaining memory space to determine if you can play something or if you must free up space.

It always means waiting a few hours later when you want to reload an older game, so extra storage space is always appreciated.

The Xbox Series S Carbon Black getting a 1TB update is a great addition, especially as it nearly doubles the console’s memory space from the existing Series S range’s 512GB.

A slightly less expensive system with 1TB of storage might give the Xbox brand the push it needs to reclaim some ground in the console wars.

The Carbon Black will be available in the United States for $349.99, which is understandably more expensive than the original Series S, which costs $299.99 – but still far less than the $499 required to get an Xbox Series X.

For an extra $50, you are essentially getting double the memory space, however the Carbon Black will still fall short of the pinnacle of the current console generation.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer confessed that the Xbox One had essentially lost the console wars because it was the battle where players built up their collection of digital games.

It has had an impact on future generations, with the PS5 appearing to be comfortably ahead in the current battle even as Xbox has strengthened their position with the likes of the Series X and Series S.


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