Nicki Minaj, who debuted at #10 on Billboard’s top 50 list this year, is now widely acknowledged as the best female rapper of all time.

Nicki Minaj’s mentor Lil Wayne thinks Billboard got it right, but some could consider it blasphemous. Weezy was recently asked by co-hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson of All The Smoke to name the best female rapper of all time. He firmly stated, “Am not nobody f***ing with Nicki.” They follow behind.

Given how much his belief in Nicki’s abilities contributed to her meteoric rise to fame, his words should not come as much of a surprise. In response, the Queen rapper posted a series of snippets from the interview on Instagram, including one in which Wayne describes how he first came across her and Drake. I had no idea that Drake and Nicki would be the couple. But I was even more enthusiastic because I wanted them to realize their full potential. They relied on the trust he had built in them at all times, he claimed.

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Reacting to Lil Wayne’s High Praise, Nicki

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Nicki wrote a statement on Instagram praising Wayne for his support over the years and for believing in her at the beginning of her career in response to Wayne’s praise her for. If you can find a falsehood, I will give you a dollar.When the best rapper of all time had faith in you and still does. I relied heavily on your assurance, and you never let me down. Even now, whenever I give @liltunechi anything, you respond with a rap verse. We appreciate everything so much. Hat The BAR is Still Open! A bar for a bar. She captioned the photo, “No pun intended.”

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In the interview, Lil Wayne talked about how he found Nicki Minaj while putting together the Young Money group. He said that he had his heart set on finding a New York female rapper that was unique from the likes of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Nicki was mimicking my voice when I heard her. She was experimenting with different tones, and I finally conceded. This is something I have never seen before. Extremely unusual. I had to constantly warning the women artists in New York, “Yo, do not do that, do not say that,” he said. Read Nicki Minaj’s latest post up there.


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