Will Poulter is “completely shameless” when it comes to approaching directors he admires for roles in their films.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 actor revealed as much during an interview for the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

Telling presenter Josh Horowitz, “I’m completely shameless, I will beg for roles in things from people that I love,” he elaborated on his lack of shame. I’m a total fanboy and proud of it. I can’t stifle my excitement about the prospect of working with certain individuals.

I attempt to rationalize my fanboy enthusiasm by remembering that life is brief and that people should enjoy their blossoms while they are here. If I enjoy someone’s work, I want to tell them as many people as possible about it.

The British actor said he was “really fortunate” to have worked with directors Kathryn Bigelow on 2017’s Detroit and Barry Jenkins on 2021’s The Underground Railroad miniseries.

The opportunity to work with Bigelow “had always been on my bucket list,” said the 30-year-old actor, “and for that to organically come about through quite a lengthy audition process but eventually come my way was a dream come true.” Even famous folks like Barry Jenkins have experienced that. Funny enough, I first met with Barry Jenkins on Twitter; he watched my film Detroit and was incredibly gracious about it; I’d seen every film he’d ever made and adored them all; it was a match made in heaven.

Poulter said that he still wishes to collaborate with “a long list” of directors, including Lynne Ramsay, Reinaldo Marcus Green, Steve McQueen, Adam McKay, and Andrea Arnold.


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