Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is suing his Beverly Hills neighbor over a pine tree that, according to Mark, is getting too big for the space.

Mark and Skye are suing their neighbor over a tree they say is blocking their view, according to a new complaint obtained by TMZ.

Mark claims in the paperwork that the neighbor is breaking the conditions they negotiated with the planning commission years ago, which required her to cut down many trees and keep the height of a pine tree to no more than 15 feet.

Mark claims his neighbor is breaking the law by planting new trees in the place of those that were cut down, further blocking his view. The height of the tree in question, he says, is now above 15 feet.

Mark argues in his lawsuit that his neighbor has ignored his requests to prune the trees, so he’s taking matters into the court system.

Mark wants an injunction to make sure his neighbor cuts the trees back in accordance with the rules, and he also wants to sue his neighbor for damages.

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Add this to the pile labeled “The Problems of VERY Rich People.”


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