The release of Donda was chaotic and fascinating all at once.

The rollout was a spectacle orchestrated by Kanye West, who debuted two versions of the project in Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium and brought it to a close in Chicago. But it wasn’t without its share of tension and explosions. Some of the shenanigans that went down behind the scenes of the project as he recruited stars like Fivio Foreign, Playboi Carti, Pusha T, and more have been revealed in a new documentary footage that emerged this morning.

Fans were dismayed by Kanye West’s decision to use DaBaby and Marilyn Manson on “Jail” instead of Jay-Z, who was not currently embroiled in any controversies. Ye reportedly required the presence of his bandmates for the Chicago listening party. Everyone who isn’t here will have their verses removed, he declared. “Therefore, I’m ditching the Jay-Z verse. Anyone who isn’t sitting on the porch with me isn’t included in this recording. After the chat concludes, Ye turns to the camera and says, “How do you even describe these kinds of conversations, bro?”

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Ye premiered Donda without Hov in Chicago, but he still released the project with both versions of “Jail.” The Throne was back, and it was their first time working together since Jay-Z and Kanye West’s lackluster cameo on “Pop Style.” Earlier in the documentary footage, Kanye is shown working in what seems like a classroom with engineers and producers, fine-tuning the final result of “Jail.” Ye also promised around this time that Watch The Throne II will drop before the end of the year, but it never did. There has been no significant development to suggest when this project would be completed.

The behind-the-scenes video not only sheds light on the making of “Jail,” but it also offers fascinating glimpses into Ye’s creative process at the time. The video combines studio shots with scenes of Ye visiting his Chicago neighborhood and preaching to his coworkers. He gives thanks to God for his now-divorced wife, children, and mother, as well as his sobriety, during the address. It’s a compelling video that will make you want to watch more of Donda. Take a look at the sample I’ve provided above and let me know what you think.


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