Shocking footage shows a man’s final moments before he is killed by a shark while swimming in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt.

The video, which we are not sharing since it is quite gruesome, first appeared online on Thursday, originating in the popular tourist destination of Hurghada. A man can be seen treading water while a shark attacks him, biting him multiple times. The shark eventually flips the man over, causing him to execute a headstand with his feet on the water.

As the man cries out in pain, the woman recording can only listen and gasp.

It looks like the shark is about to leave the man for dead when it pounces on his upper torso.

According to a statement released by Egypt’s Ministry of Environment, a tiger shark is suspected to have attacked and killed the guy.

A large section of the beach is off-limits until at least Sunday as a result of the attack.


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