Blueface was detained on his way to court for an unrelated matter. A source claims that Blueface was detained for a robbery he was suspected of committing.

Legal papers state On Wednesday, June 7th, Blueface was apprehended and charged with robbery as a felony. He had to show up in court since he was charged with attempted murder. His lawyers at the time of the news article, Lisa Rasmussen and Kristina Wildeveld, did not know the details of the case.

According to available evidence, Blueface’s latest infraction is directly related to his previous November arrest, in which he was accused of discharging a handgun.

This week, Blueface and Charleston White got into it. Both Blueface and Chrisean Rock can’t manage to keep their personal lives off of social media, giving the world a front-row ticket to their destructive relationship. Chrisean is expecting the pair’s first kid at this time.

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Here we have Charleston White to weigh in on the subject. The media mogul recently made a controversial statement, drawing parallels between Blueface’s unpredictable conduct toward Chrisean and Ike Turner’s relationship with the late Tina Turner.

On Instagram, White referred to Blueface as the “contemporary Ike Turner.” “Blueface, I gotta give you ya coins n*gga,” he says. You are Ike Turner for our time. As far as I can tell, no other musician or artist can replace an abusive partner in my life. Those girls are in danger because of you, young brotha, whatever or whatever you are. You’re acting in ways that no self-respecting black man would dare to act toward his baby mama in public.

You do know that whatever the mother feels throughout pregnancy, the child will feel via the umbilical cord, so I wouldn’t be surprised if yo infant have some emotional distress,” White explains. Your children will inherit the dishonor you’ve brought upon their mother.

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To emphasize his point, White said he hopes the baby isn’t a girl because Blueface is a “shameful, hurtful muthafucka.”

Blueface is not someone who takes insults or slander lightly. Under the No Jumper post, Blueface wrote, “it’s a mouse in the house,” alongside images of a rabbit, a house, and a smiling face. More than a thousand people have liked the comment right now.

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Tina Turner married legendary rocker Ike Turner in the early ’60s. Tina’s 2018 memoir, Tina Turner: My Love Story, contains allegations of domestic violence and abuse by Ike during their marriage.

She explains how she suffered third-degree burns when “Ike Turner threw hot coffee in my face.” He punched me so hard in the nose that I could feel blood dripping down my throat while I sang. In other words, he shattered my jaw. I felt like I’d never experienced life without a black eye again.

In the 1970s, they had to end their marriage. The beef between Blueface and Chrisean should stay virtual, I hope.


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