Drake’s credit card was refused during a live webcast after he attempted to contribute money to a viewer.

Drake is definitely not short on cash, but he found the card he was using on this occasion inadequate, stating that the event was “embarrassing.”

It all happened because the Canadian rapper was promoting cryptocurrency casino Stake on a special Kick broadcast this weekend.

He even invited fellow rap star Lil Yachty onto the screen before requesting Kick – the hosting platform – to partner with him on a business arrangement.

“Yo, listen, I don’t know who owns Kick, but I know the chat wants to see Yachty go live,” Drake remarked.

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“I’ve been telling him that I believe he has the ability to take over Kick.”


Not Drake’s credit card getting declined on a LIVE STREAM 😂💸 [🎥: @clippextra]

♬ original sound – MuchMusic

“That’s just a little business idea for whoever owns Kick; they need to cut a check for my brother.”

By the looks of it, they might need to pay Drake as well.

He was attempting to send $500 (about £402) to a streamer named Daisy who was live in the chat with them, but the credit card he was using was refused.

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It was ’embarrassing,’ the rapper said in a high-pitched voice.

People around exclaimed, “Yeah, what just happened?! We’re just not even…”

Drake then acknowledged, of course, that he wasn’t using his own personal card, but rather one handed to him for this live stream.

The ‘Hotline Bling’ singer has been working with Stake for quite some time, showcasing some of his massive bets on major sporting events.

Drake seems to have lost $1,000,000 in a wager on the FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and France in December.

While he accurately predicted Argentina as victors, his wager was not prepared for extra time and penalties between the two sides.

So, despite correctly predicting the winner, he lost everything.

Furthermore, he lost roughly $400,000 on Jake Paul when the loud-mouthed YouTuber was defeated in the boxing ring by Tommy Fury in February.

Obviously, all of this contributes to the idea that Drake is cursed – Google it up, it’s rather well-documented.

He doesn’t always lose – in fact, he won $1.4 million on the Super Bowl last year – but those he backs are frequently defeated.

Despite his losses, we believe he’s still worth $500.


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