Linda Yaccarino, the new CEO of the embattled social media company Twitter, has begun her duties earlier than scheduled.

Ms. Yaccarino, formerly of NBCUniversal, joined Twitter just days after it lost its second director of trust and safety.

Elon Musk said on May 12 that his successor would start in six weeks, however, her start date appears to have been pushed up.

Twitter also announced the hiring of NBCUniversal’s Joe Benarroch.

Mr. Benarroch was the media company’s senior vice president of communications, advertising, and partnerships.

He also spent time at Meta, the company that created Facebook and Instagram. He will be responsible for business operations at Twitter.

Mr. Musk has stated that he intends to continue being associated with the company.

Last year, Twitter’s billionaire founder announced his intention to leave as CEO once he found “someone foolish enough to take the job.”

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It came after Mr. Musk invited users on Twitter to vote on whether he should resign, and 57.5% said yes.

Ms. Yaccarino welcomed Mr. Benarroch, a former NBCUniversal coworker, to Twitter, which is recognized for its bird logo.

“Welcome to the flock, @benarroch_joe!” she tweeted. “From one bird to another.”

“I am excited to bring my experience to Twitter and to work with the entire team to build Twitter 2.0 together,” he stated.

Ms. Yaccarino, 60, will be in charge of commercial operations at the platform, which has been struggling to make money.

Mr. Musk has slashed 75% of Twitter’s personnel, including teams entrusted with policing abuse, and changed how the business validates real accounts.

Meanwhile, a huge number of sponsors have fled.

Ms. Yaccarino is credited with guiding NBCUniversal through the turmoil generated by technological companies.

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In her previous post, she restructured the company’s ad sales division, pushed the launch of its ad-supported streaming platform Peacock to 2020, and sparked industry-wide disputes about data gaps as consumers went online.

Late last week, it was reported that Twitter’s second head of trust and safety, Mr. Musk, had quit.

Ella Irwin took over when previous CEO Yoel Roth stepped down in November 2022, just a month after Mr. Musk took control of the company.

The head of trust and safety is in charge of content filtering, a hot topic since Mr. Musk’s takeover of the company.

Ms. Irwin’s departure is being investigated. However, it came a day after Mr. Musk openly criticized a Twitter content moderation decision.

Since purchasing Twitter for $44 billion (£35.4 billion), Mr. Musk has been under pressure to find someone else to head the company and spend his attention on his other firms, which include Tesla and SpaceX.

He will remain the company’s executive chairman and chief technology officer.


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