The Hulu docuseries titled Dear Mama: The Saga of Afeni & Tupac Shakur, directed by Allen Hughes, has been met with disapproval from 2Pac’s biological father.

During a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue on June 3rd, Billy Garland disclosed that he had initially declined to participate in an interview with Allen Hughes regarding 2Pac. However, he was eventually convinced to do so, despite being unaware that the footage would ultimately be utilized for Dear Mama.

According to Garland, the interview lasted approximately two hours. “After I saw the interview in the documentary, I was slightly disappointed, let’s just say that. The experience was not to my liking. The focus of the discussion was directed towards a topic other than 2Pac, if you comprehend my intended meaning. Had I been aware that the subject matter pertained to ‘Dear Mama,’ I may have still proceeded with the task, albeit with a lesser likelihood of doing so. The phrase “not for nothing” is being used.

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Prior to the production of the documentary, Billy Garland provided a defense of 2Pac against Allen Hughes’ characterization of him as a “delusional mythmaker.” According to Garland, 2Pac’s behavior was not indicative of bipolar disorder, but rather a response to perceived betrayals by individuals during his career in the music industry.

Please refer to the complete video footage provided below:

Despite Billy Garland’s dissatisfaction with the final product, the five-part docuseries has recently received a flawless rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics. This achievement follows the FX series’ previous success in breaking television records.

Recently, the director Allen Hughes received critical acclaim from reputable sources such as TIME, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter for his sensitive handling of 2Pac’s legacy in the unveiling of the new perfect score earlier this month.

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TIME has praised the portrayal of an artist who has been eulogized for a longer duration than his lifespan, stating that it is one of the most comprehensive and empathetic depictions they have encountered. This refers to the notable female figure who brought him into existence.

The documentary series centers on the maternal bond between Afeni Shakur, a prominent figure in the Black Panther Party and a revolutionary, and her son, 2Pac Shakur. The inaugural episode of an unscripted series on FX garnered the highest viewership ratings in the network’s 28-year history.

According to a statement by Nick Grad, the president of FX Entertainment, Allen Hughes’ comprehensive work on Tupac and Afeni Shakur has provided an exemplary outcome, which is a testament to Tupac’s lasting impact. Allen’s analysis of Tupac, as seen through the lens of his mother Afeni, presents a captivating perspective that delves into the educational and experiential factors that influenced his life and motivated him to become one of the most renowned artists in history.


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